We’re master storytellers

educated in medicine, life sciences, and the art of animation

When LifeHouse started out in 1998, our principals, Bill Matthews and Dena Matthews saw an opportunity to set a new standard for biomedical visualization. We were visionaries intent on transforming complex ideas of drug processes, medical procedures and scientific information into art that transcends audiences’ imaginations

That same mission is alive and well in LifeHouse today. Our achievements and collective experience creating 3D medical animation is unsurpassed in this field. Over the years, our animations of surgical procedures, biological processes and forensic evidence have captivated audiences ranging from scientists and convention goers to children and juries.

Diverse influences led to our unique storytelling approach. Our 30-plus years of collective experience in medical animation and illustration enables us to quickly determine the best way for clients to explain the procedure, showcase the “mechanism of action,” and highlight critical steps.

We’ve established a unique balance of science and art. Our expertise in classical and computer animation methods is rare in the field of medical and scientific visualization. We often employ classic techniques of animation that make your point unmistakable.

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