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H. Cowan Case - Medical Litigation Animation

Project Scope: Story design, storyboarding, model building, 3D animation, and particle effects.

Challenges: Among the many challenges LifeHouse faced was to recount the plaintiff's artery puncture injuries in a clear and convincing manner so the jury members would fully understand: A. the reference anatomy, B. the standard procedure, and C. the events that transpired. It was especially important to portray the extent of arterial bleeding while the central line catheterization placement continued and its effect (lung and heart compression). The work needed to be both simple and accurate without being too graphic which could make it inadmissible in a court of law. Working with the surgical pathology report, operation report, x-rays, and the medical expert witness LifeHouse created visuals that were a powerful weapon for the plaintiff's case.

Results: Settled out of court.

Usage: Courtroom and legal educational presentations.