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Nobivacâ„¢ Lyme Canine Vaccine from Intervet Schering Plough -Pharmaceutical Animation

Project Scope: Visual story creation including storyboard design and production from script provided by healthcare agency client. LifeHouse also created 3D animations, depiction of mechanism-of-action and high-resolution illustrations for print.

Challenges: Under an aggressive deadline, LifeHouse was tasked with visually telling the story of how Deer Ticks transmit Lyme disease to dogs and highlighting the MOA of OspA and OspC borreliacidal antibodies. LifeHouse sought the guidance of a renowned tick expert in researching, designing, building and animating the 3D spirochete borrellia burgdorferi, as well as the deer tick, ixodes scapularis, anatomy. Lastly, we overcame script timing issues which involved matching voiceover provided by the client and editing for both English and French-speaking audiences.

Results: An accurate portrayal of the Deer Tick, ixodes scapularis, and its internal anatomy. We also faithfully depicted canine red blood cells and hair shafts, which differ greatly from those of humans. LifeHouse not only delivered on time but also incorporated last minute client changes to the animation within an intense production schedule. The delighted client retained us for additional European work and the animation received the 2010 Bronze Telly Award.

Usage: Animations and Illustrations were used on the Internet, at trade shows, and in veterinarians' offices as part of the Nobivacâ„¢ Lyme Vaccine launch campaign.