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3D Animation

LifeHouse creates visualizations of virtual prototypes, product simulations, modes of action, life sciences subjects and biological processes for a variety of industries and an endless array of topics.

We specialize in customizing the content of our animations depending on your intended audience, making it detailed for medical specialists and simplified for general audiences.

We've done it all. If you're looking for expertise in a specific process or region of anatomy, we can send you a demo of something similar we've done.

We can produce animations for any medium you choose—from Imax to websites and trade show booths to laptop presentations.

Our scientific expertise enables us to start your project with the most basic input: your script, written description, or rough sketches—or for court cases, your raw crime scene and forensic data.

We leverage time-honored animation techniques as well as leading edge 3D animation software to depict your product or message in a way that gives you an edge over the competition.


Our eye-opening illustrations for the biomedical arena are the product of years of expertise in building, lighting, and color composition. Our skills are further enhanced by an advanced suite of 3D tools that we use for accuracy and realism.

Regardless of the illustration size you need or your media requirements, our digital graphics give you unlimited flexibility for reuse in ad campaigns, training materials, packaging or promotional items.

Our specialty is taking your technical, sometimes complex, ideas and turning them into an arresting illustration. We have more areas of expertise than you can imagine. Viruses to surgical devices, and genetics to platelets—you name it. The point is, our science backgrounds give us the unique ability to become experts in your subject.

We pay special attention to your desired audience. Knowing who we're addressing informs how creative or clinical your illustration will be. Whether you're addressing scientists or second graders, we push the boundaries of imagination while always remaining accurate.

Imagine a holographic eyeball haunting delighted grade-schoolers from every angle or a 3D deer tick, lxodes scapularis, feasting on blood. Suffice it to say our medical and scientific illustrations are anything but static.



If your animation team lacks experienced medical art direction or could use an added safety net when it comes to accuracy, LifeHouse provides the solution.

We frequently serve as consultants on productions for agencies, companies and producers. This enables clients to take advantage of our unparalleled expertise in medical and accuracy directing on an ad hoc basis.

Most often, we help clients streamline, simplify, and give prominence to the mechanism of action. We can also direct clients to sharpen their perspective and ensure accuracy of scale. LifeHouse offers invaluable expertise that fits your budget.



Rely on LifeHouse's storytelling expertise, scientific knowledge and years of experience creating 3D animations to help you create effective storyboards for your presentation.

Storyboards are a critical component of any animation production. Ensuring your team's understanding and gaining approvals often hinges on the accuracy, clarity and simplicity of the boards.

Just give us your medical verbiage, script or description and we'll translate it to a visual story that gets your point across perfectly.