Why Choose LifeHouse | Lifehouse Productions

Why LifeHouse

Over 30 years of combined experience in biomedical animation.

Expertise, Prestige, Passion

  • We know the medical, biological and scientific fields, so you don't have to.
    Whether we develop your concept from a broad description or from your detailed storyboards, you can relax in knowing that your job is getting done right.

  • Ability to appeal to audiences from scientists to kids.
    LifeHouse's storytelling approach has been carefully honed over many projects. It enables us to use animations to captivate and educate your audience no matter how specialized.

  • Experience working in your particular area of interest.
    Our extensive body of work touches on virtually every anatomical region and area of life science. Ask us for a custom demo.

  • We're your safety net against costly inaccuracies.
    We use our breadth of knowledge across biology and medicine to correct medical or scientific errors in provided content.

  • You don't have to hold our hands with the science.
    Our principals studied life sciences at the medical school level so they can talk directly to your researchers and scientists, comprehend and conduct research, and start projects quickly.

  • Expertise in classic animation techniques and computer animation.
    We use the methods of the masters to guide your viewers' attention to important areas, engage audiences, and make your point.

  • Experts in the field of medical animation and medical illustration.
    Both our principals teach in the field, have master's degrees in medical illustration, and bachelor's degrees in biology.

  • Leading edge technology.
    LifeHouse uses Maya, the ultra high-end software for 3D animation.

  • Prestigious client roster.
    Make yourself at home among the other industry leaders who have partnered with LifeHouse.

  • Honors and achievements.
    Our history includes everything from prestigious industry awards and roles in successful court cases to high profile projects for the Beijing Olympics and Discovery Health Channel.

  • Passion for biomedical animation that is accurate and artful.
    That translates to higher standards and a drive to innovate that benefit every project.