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No one knows more about how to best portray your drug's "mechanism of action" than LifeHouse. We understand the biology and science behind your MOA. That means you can just give us your script and have us run with it. Whether you're a manufacturer or a pharmaceutical agency, you don't have to hold our hands. We can talk directly to your scientists, which saves you time. We do the research, so we understand your product and your drug delivery system (DDS) as well as you. That makes us an extra safety net in preventing mistakes and inaccuracies, which can spare you from lengthy regulatory delays.

Bill - Thank you again for yours and Dena's support and focus with meeting the aggressive timeline set before you both. The animation looks great and we are very pleased with the final product! We have provided a copy to the client who just returned from a vacation so we too are looking forward to their feedback. I will keep you posted on the launch date. Thank you again.

- Multimedia Project Manager,
Healthcare Advertising Agency

Medical Device

We know how much is riding on the quality of your animated presentation. Medical device manufacturers rely on us for accuracy that builds trust and confidence in their products. LifeHouse creates 3D medical animations that make your delivery systems or delivery devices look real even if they aren't built yet. That's why clients turn to us for animations that give them a decisive edge over their competition. Our strength lies in our ability to show you the best way to communicate with your audience—whether it is investors, physicians, trade show attendees, or patients. Knowing what to show and how to show it best is the art that we bring to your science.


You can put a powerful 3D animation in your arsenal without becoming an expert on anatomy or biology. LifeHouse uses its deep understanding of life sciences and courtroom standards to make it easy for attorneys. We save you steps by communicating directly with your medical expert and doing our own research. We can take your raw and unfiltered crime scene details, forensic data or malpractice case details and use them to illustrate events, injury patterns and wounds for your case. Then, we use our skills in visual storytelling and expertise in creating medical exhibits for litigation to craft a presentation that is impactful while also being admissible.

Education and Entertainment

Your 3D animations or illustrations can be more than just accurate and informative. They can be mind-blowingly cool, too. At LifeHouse, we're scientists, but we're also creative animators experienced in Disney-perfected animation techniques and state-of-the-art computer graphics. Our years of storytelling expertise in the biomedical field enable us to portray your topic in ways that entertain while they increase understanding. We know how to craft a story for the audience—whether it's children, students in med school, surgeons, or the general public—and design illustrations and animations just for them. Publishers or producers with science-related projects will find a valuable partner in LifeHouse Productions.


LifeHouse helps firms in emerging life sciences fields like pharmacogenomics and pharmacogenetics in ways that other 3D animators and illustrators cannot. Scientists at heart, we enthusiastically do the research to understand and accurately depict your "story." Our training enables us to speak directly to your scientists, which makes your job easier. Our unique expertise is in receiving complex input and transforming it into 3D animation and computer graphics that simplify your point beautifully. We are experienced storytellers who translate your purpose perfectly for audiences ranging from scientists and physicians to investors and the general public.