How We Work & Process | Lifehouse Productions

LifeHouse's animation process promotes transparency, inclusiveness and most importantly, quality.

Our Production Pipeline

Your feedback is requested and implemented at every stage of production. For instance, throughout the process, we send clients "motion tests" for timing and voiceover synch. We also send color still images of the animation, or "keyframes," to demonstrate the look, color and feel. All work is securely presented in your choice of file format and available for you to view at your convenience.

Projects differ, but your success is always our ultimate goal. LifeHouse's peace-of-mind process begins the moment you contact us.

1. Planning
First, we discuss the parameters of your project, the source material, your deadline, the budget—and things you might not have considered like licensing rights, usage and size. We'll do some problem-solving, but there's no ob- ligation to you. We come up with a ballpark price and project vision. Then we get your feedback. Based on what you say, we prepare a detailed formal proposal. Once you've approved it, we get to work.



2. Pre-production
We receive your script, begin our research, and test protocols for the difficult parts of the 3D animation work. We audition voice talent and record your voiceover. We produce storyboards or review those provided by you and make comments and suggestions. Once the boards are approved, we begin animation production.




3. Production
At this phase, we create models and materials and design of motion and lighting.

  • Modeling - we produce the actual 3D geometry or "shapes" used in the animation.
  • Material Design & Texturing - we create the surfaces and appearances of objects in your scene to give them lifelike qualities. Subtle changes in texture can determine whether an object looks like the liver or the heart.
  • Motion scripting - we coordinate the actual movement of elements and cameras.
  • Lighting design – we create, position and adjust lighting to best portray the subject, message and mood. Once those elements are produced, we begin the intensive process of "rendering" which generates color images from all the 3D data (texture, motion, lighting, etc.)



4. Post-production and Delivery
The final phase, known as post-production is where we bring all the pieces together through compositing and add the finishing touches and special effects.

  • Effects - we create and add enhancements like depth of field, glows, fades and blurs, as well as particle, electrical and liquid effects.
  • Compositing & Editing - we layer the rendered images together with the audio, text, effects, and backgrounds to create a "render test" of the almost completed animation. This is your chance to make sure everything is perfect. Once we've implemented your feedback and you've approved the render test, we output the final master animation in the format you need.