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Captivate your audience through brilliant storytelling.

We know what it’s like for a pharmaceutical company, medical device manufacturer or biotechnology firm with a product that’s going to change the world—and a need to tell people about it. We’re medical illustrators who are well experienced in the challenge of demonstrating a point in a simple, engaging way in litigation, education or TV and film production. Clients from all these fields, just like you, come to LifeHouse Productions every day. And we provide 3D medical animations and medical illustrations that are true to your life-changing message and science itself.

You have an important story to tell. How you tell it determines whether you’ll get through to audiences and make them understand. Learn why our background in life sciences and the art of animation gives you the edge you need to succeed.

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I wanted to thank LifeHouse again for being our life preserver—you literally saved two of (our) projects and accounts through your medical knowledge, professionalism and artistic programming skills.
In one case we were working with a local animator recommended by one of our clients, who just wasn't producing what we needed. Then I ran into you guys at an industry association meeting. The timing was perfect and you really delivered, with detailed 3D animation showing the complex mechanism of action of a new drug. Everyone was thrilled.
On another occasion we were working with a highly recommended local medical illustrator. Again we were less than satisfied with the medical drawings we were receiving and you bailed us out. Now whenever we need medical images you're the first call. You always make us look good.”

- Director of Content Solutions, eLearning Development Company